There are a lot of free controls available, but by long, hard experience I stay away from them (as well as commercial control libraries) as much as possible. First, there's the learning curve -- and then the almost inevitable bugs or inexplicable behaviors. Deployment can also be a pain.

If I can't find the control I need in the .Net standard controls, I'll first think about building a user control (or searching the web for something similar that includes source code). If I focus on a user control or source-included control, I then try to evaluate the cost (time) of implementing it -- and compare that to the cost/time of a shareware or commercial control. And, finally, try to evaluate whether the app really needs this whiz-bang thingie or not.

The answer is usually 'not'.

+1 because it's worth considering. With any control (commercial or free) you need to consider these things. How often is it updated? Will it be supported in future? How many people are using it (Google it)? Are there active forums? Is the documentation good and is it updated? – 

+1, I agree, choose your controls carefully and infrequently. – 


控件Live-Charts winform和wpf版本都有,网站教材和案例都很全。github源码:https://github.com/beto-rodriguez/Live-Charts




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