Open source software

Most widely used open source applications:

GRASS – Originally developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, open source: a complete GIS

MapServer – Web-based mapping server, developed by the University of Minnesota.

Other open source GIS applications:

gvSIG 1.0

gvSIG 1.0

Chameleon – Environments for building applications with MapServer.

GeoTools – Open source GIS toolkit written in Java, using Open Geospatial Consortium specifications.

gvSIG – Open source GIS written in Java.

JUMP GIS – Java Unified Mapping Platform. (See end of page for JUMP derivative projects, like Kosmo and OpenJUMP)

MapWindow GIS – Free, open source GIS desktop application and programming component.

PostGIS – Spatial extensions for the open source PostgreSQL database, allowing geospatial queries.

Quantum GIS – QGIS is a user friendly Open Source GIS that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows.

TerraView – GIS desktop that handles vector and raster data stored in a relational or geo-relational database, including ACCESS, PostGreSQL, MySQL and Oracle Spatial.


Notable commercial or proprietary GIS software

Autodesk – Products include MapGuide and other products that interface with its flagship AutoCAD software package.

Cadcorp – Developers of world leading GIS software and OpenGIS standard (e.g. Read/Write Open Source PostGIS database).

Intergraph – Products include GeoMedia, GeoMedia Profesional, GeoMedia WebMap, and a host of related, add-on products specifically developed for industry sectors, as well as photogrammetry and other mapping-related software.

ERDAS IMAGINE – A proprietary GIS, Remote Sensing, and Photogrammetry software developed by Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging.

ESRI – Products include ArcView 3.x, ArcGIS, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, and ArcWeb services.

IDRISI – Proprietary GIS product developed by Clark Labs.

ILWIS – ILWIS (Integrated Land and Water Information System) integrates image, vector and thematic data.

MapInfo – Products include MapInfo Professional and MapXtreme. integrates GIS software, data and services.

MapPoint – Proprietary GIS product developed by Microsoft.

Caliper – Products include Maptitude, TransCAD and TransModeler. Develops GIS and the only GIS for transportation.

axpand – Proprietary GIS Cartography Software developed by Axes Systems, Switzerland.

Other notable proprietary software applications and providers:

CARIS (Computer Aided Resource Information System) – GIS systems for hydrography and cadastral systems.

CartaVista – Geographic Information Visualization (GIV) product developed by A3Dt.

DeLorme – Producer XMap and other GIS tools, data, and GPS hardware.

Global Mapper – Viewer, Editor, Converter of popular vector, elevation and raster datasets

GMS – Three-dimensional environment for building geologic and groundwater models

Maria – A Windows-based GIS product developed by Teleplan Globe AS.

Manifold System – Low-cost GIS software package.

Map Maker – Low-cost Windows-based GIS software.

Oracle Spatial – Product allows users to perform basic geographic operations and store common spatial data types in a native Oracle environment.

Safe Software – Spatial ETL products including FME, SpatialDirect and the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension.

Smallworld – GIS product developed in Cambridge, England (Smallworld, Inc.) and purchased by General Electric in 2000 and used primarily by public utilities and other related industries.

TatukGIS – Products include: TatukGIS Developer Kernel (a comprehensive GIS development toolkit), Internet Map Server, GIS Editor, free GIS Viewer, Aerial Imagery Corrector.

AvisMap GIS Engine– A comprehensive SDK designed for custom GIS applications.

AvisMap GIS Desktop– Simple yet poewrful GIS data processing. Desktop Pro and Free GIS Viewer available.

Other GIS software

GeoBase – Geospatial platform developed by Telogis. A particular focus is placed on real-time processing for reverse-geocoding, geofencing, etc.

LandSerf – Free GIS written in Java. Source available but not strictly open source.

Panorama – Russian GIS for military uses.

SPRING – GIS software developed at INPE - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais and available free of charge.

TerraLib – GIS class and functions library, available from the Internet as open source, allowing a collaborative environment and its use for the development of multiple GIS tools.

TNTmips – Geospatial analysis system providing a GIS, RDBMS, and automated image processing system with CAD, TIN, surface modeling, and data publishing tools.

SavGIS – Free and complete GIS software available in French, English and Spanish, developed since 1984 by the Development Research French Institute (IRD)

Tilcon GIS Maps – Tilcon - an embedded graphical user interface company produces a GIS application development module.

Scenome – Software for building geo-referenced terrain databases from industry standard GIS formats such as DEM and GEOTIFF.

GDAL – Geo-Data Abstraction Library. Popular open-source product for managing GIS data.

PROJ4 – Popular, open-source product for converting GIS data between projections.

MapTools – Suite of open-source GIS products and platforms.

Spatial Communication – Spatcom (Spatial Communication) is a Free and Share GIS Software with Digital Map Data Made in Indonesia.

External links

A blog with posts describing free GIS, mapping, neogeography and GPS applications Geoagro GIS - A GIS System specializaed for Agriculture and Environmental applications, see Facilplus Spatial Platform Facilplus

Main features of Facilplus Spatial

Facilplus Spatial was first in the market being 100% web enabled. This means that all users are working through a web interface (typically the web-browser recommended by the company IT policies) regardless if they are read-only user or system administrator! This allows many users to be active at the same time regardless of where in the organization they are located and what user role they are performing. This is also a huge cost saving since the web-interface technique takes away the cost of client software installations and maintenance.

Facilplus Spatial is also a future proof solution since it is based on open standard software for secure and reliable operation.

Uses Oracle Spatial (currently the 10g release)

Runs on MS-Windows, LINUX, UNIX operating systems

Uses the OGC standard for handling GIS components.



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